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Hi, my name is Katy, creator of Bracken and Twine Flowers. I would describe myself as a creative and nature loving geek! I've always been this way since I was a child; I loved nurturing my little allotted flower bed my mum gave me and I instinctively made little posies using the flowers I so attentively looked after, arranging them in little jugs and trinkets. Family holidays consisted of long walks through woods, gathering wild flowers and pressing them to add to our little scrap books. It was inevitable that I would follow the path towards a creative career. 

I'm married to Ben and we have two little ones. At every opportune moment we like to be nature explorers! My 3 year old little girl stumbled across a carpet of snowdrops and she said enthusiastically "this is AMAZING!" Inside I melted and laughed at the same time as she imitates my same feelings towards flowers. Being a freelance florist is perfect as it serves my desire to be creative whilst having a young family.

My philosophy is simple, to let the flowers do the talking, more often than not reflecting the seasons.

There is not a moment that goes by that I do not think about flowers, it's inbuilt into my very being. I just LOVE flowers!


Katy aka 'Bracken & Twine Flowers'


Family Photos courtesy of Megan Duffield Photography & my phone!